Yaorong LED high bay light UFO high bay light detailed explanation

UFO high bay light is a kind of LED lighting fixture. So it is called "UFO" because it looks like UFO and has nothing to do with unknown foreign objects.

UFO high bay light

Performance characteristics:

· High light efficiency design

· Protection grade IP65

· Microwave induction (optional)

· Intelligent dimming supports DALI interface/0~10V dimming/PWM dimming

Applicable scene:

It is suitable for lighting in factories, workshops, workshops, warehouses, stadiums, exhibition halls and other large indoor places.

Technical parameters/Specifications

Product model SPGK011-100-SPGK011-240

Power 100W-240W

Light efficiency 150 lm/W (optional light efficiency 130lm/W, 150lm/W, 170lm/W)

CRI Ra>80

Color temperature 5000K / 5700K / 6500K

Beam angle 60° 90° 120°

Power factor>0.95

Input voltage 100-277V 50/60Hz

Storage temperature -40°C ~ +80°C

Operating temperature -40°C ~ +50°C

IP rating IP65

Installation method: hoisting or bracket installation

The living room needs an illuminance range of about 30-150 (1 lumens of light energy distribution on a square meter position is an illuminance.). It depends on the luminous flux of the LED light source you buy. Generally, the luminous flux of 3 watt LED lamps on the market is less than 200 lumens. If a 15 square lamp is installed, the illuminance is about 1.3. This is not enough. At least 3 lamps are the minimum standard.

When buying LED UFO lights, no matter what brand you choose, you can only choose high-quality products if you master the following buying skills. Look at the appearance. Whether it is a sealed integrated design, whether the mask and the lampshade are tightly bonded, whether it is waterproof and mosquito-proof, as long as these points are achieved, the durability can be guaranteed. Look glowing. Whether the light-emitting surface is large enough and whether the light is natural and comfortable after lighting up, turn on the mobile phone camera to test whether there is strobe.

Touch the temperature. When the lamp is on for 10-20 minutes, touch the metal heat sink part of the lamp. If it feels hot, it means that there is a problem with heat dissipation and the service life cannot be guaranteed.

Finally, select the appropriate wattage according to the actual usage scenario. Contact Yaorong Lighting to give you detailed information and documents!



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