Smart street light design

Smart street light solution

Smart street light solution

Background of Project

Background of Project
With the progress of the national smart city construction, smart street lights, as an important part of it, have the characteristics of large number and wide distribution, which just meet the needs of smart city fixed-point information collection, information release, and information transmission. Provide managers with real-time data of city operations, so as to respond intelligently to various needs including people's livelihood, city services, industrial and commercial activities, and make city management safer and more efficient.

Functional Requirements

In addition to realizing energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and intelligent lighting systems, the smart street light system also needs to carry the following sub-application systems: environmental monitoring, one-button alarm, and video surveillance systems. Undertake the Internet of Things perception entrance based on the goal of smart city construction and the exit to serve the public, and become the front-end information center of the smart city. Multi-functional, multi-application smart street light poles are tailor-made according to the needs of different scenarios and integrate corresponding functions. Form a closed-loop service to achieve the goal of improving management efficiency and better serving the public.

Functional Requirements

Core functions

Core functions

Perceptual output device:

The equipment responsible for front-end data perception and related output, including lighting, various sensors, one-button alarms, cameras, audio broadcasting, LED screens and other equipment.

Communication control equipment:

The equipment responsible for the data collection, communication and control of the sensing output equipment. According to the environment and business needs, industrial routers, RTUs, data acquisition instruments, etc. can be selected.

Data instruction flow:

The lower end of the communication control equipment is connected with the sensing output equipment through RS232, RS485 and other interfaces to realize data collection and equipment control. The communication control equipment communicates with the platform system through 4G or wired upstream to realize the real-time transmission of data and instructions.

Functional components

Functional components

Micro base station

Built-in 4G and 5G functional modules can help smart cities and change people's livelihood, medical care, autonomous driving, industry and other fields;

Smart lighting

Smart single lamp control can realize refined street lamp management, realize remote control of street lamps through the system background or mobile phone APP, realize remote centralized management and control, and meet single lamp control, and support street lamp running status monitoring.

Video Surveillance

Through remote centralized management and control, it can meet the monitoring of camera equipment operation status, as well as convenient query, positioning and other functions. It can realize video surveillance of important areas in the city, provide video evidence for the exhibition area management department and provide a security monitoring platform connected to the management department. It can also be used in conjunction with the street light cable anti-theft system.

wifi coverage

Through remote centralized management and control of wireless AP devices and Wi-Fi networks, it can meet the monitoring of AP device operating status and Wi-Fi network operating status, as well as convenient AP device query and positioning.

Broadcasting and Radio

Issue broadcast notifications, municipal information release, microphone paging, emergency abnormal state broadcast alarm, telephone paging, etc.

Functional components

Environmental sensing

High-precision and high-sensitivity environmental sensors, real-time detection of temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, noise, CO2, illuminance, wind speed, wind direction, formaldehyde, rainfall, TSP, etc.

Outdoor LED screen

Remote management of multimedia LED display screens can realize real-time display of advertising information, weather conditions, municipal news, emergency notification videos, images, texts and other information.

Smart charging

The built-in electric vehicle charging pile realizes the integration of light poles and charging piles, implements the construction of new energy infrastructure, and solves the problem of charging difficulties for roadside parking spaces and parks and new energy vehicles.

One button alarm

Built-in alarm components, one-button video, voice call alarm intercom, alarm record cloud storage, quickly locate the alarm location, and improve the efficiency of dangerous situations.

Other components

Manhole cover monitoring, RFID anti-theft monitoring, parking management, water level monitoring, energy management, trash can management, etc.

Functional components

Management interface

Application scenario

Smart street light


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