Outdoor lighting solution

Outdoor lighting design

Outdoor lighting design

Introduction of Outdoor Lighting Project

Introduction of Outdoor Lighting Project
The purpose of outdoor lighting design is to design and create artificially. The lighting to be set should take into account people‚Äôs feelings when viewing at a close distance. The configuration of the brightness, light tone, light projection direction and other aspects of the lighting should be based on Human visual comfort is the goal. Let the brightened objects appear more artistic under the action of light, so that it can highlight the landmark buildings of the city and enhance its cultural atmosphere.

Outdoor lighting classification

Outdoor lighting classification

Landscape lighting for structures

The night-time landscape lighting of the structure is reproduced with light. The characteristic of the structure is that it is built for a specific purpose. Generally, people do not produce or live inside. In addition to the functional requirements of the structure, the shape of the structure and the requirements for coordination with the surrounding environment must also be taken into account when lighting.

Commercial Street Lighting

According to the function, nature and category of the commercial street, comprehensively consider the roads, advertisements, shops, signs, and municipal facilities (including bus stops, squares, fountains, newsstands, green spaces, running water, trees and sculptures, etc.) of the block The characteristics of lighting, unified planning and careful design, form a unified and harmonious lighting.

Building landscape lighting

Use lights to reshape the night image of artificially created houses or places for people to carry out production, life or their chemical activities. When lighting, it should fully reflect the nature, structure and material characteristics of the building, the style of the times, the national style and the local characteristics according to the form, layout and style of different buildings.

Garden night scene lighting

According to the nature and characteristics of the garden, the hard landscape (hills, roads, buildings, running water, water surface, etc.) and soft landscape (green space, trees and vegetation, etc.) of the garden are planned and carefully designed to form a harmonious and coordinated lighting. illumination.

Square night lighting

According to the functional requirements of different types of squares, through scientific design, the beautiful shape of lighting facilities, simple and bright colors, and reasonable lighting are used to create a beautiful and pleasant lighting that is unified and coordinated with the nature of the square and the surrounding environment.

Road night lighting

Under the premise of ensuring the function of road lighting, through the beautiful shape of street lamps, concise and bright colors, and scientific lighting, a lighting with reasonable functions and beautiful landscapes can be created.

LED demand for outdoor lighting

LED demand for outdoor lighting
Easy installation
High light transmittance
Waterproof and explosion-proof
Optional beam angle
Adjustable illumination angle
No flicker, low light decay
Low consumption, energy saving and environmental protection
High lumen and good color rendering
Fast startup

Outdoor lighting case

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