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Smart street light design

Smart street light design

With the development of national smart city construction, the smart road lights as its important components, with a number of large-scale distribution, just meet the needs of smart cities fixed-point information collection, information release, information transmission.

Urban brightization solution

Urban brightization solution

Urban Lighting Project is also called urban brilliance, refers to lighting in order to beautify urban environments, improve the overall image of the city, and light in places in landmarks, shopping malls, tourist scenic spots, and streets.

Outdoor lighting solution

Outdoor lighting solution

Outdoor lighting lighting design is to pass artificial design and creation, the illumination of the set is to take into account the feelings of people who are watching at the closeness, the brightness, light color adjustment, light projection direction, etc., should People's visual comfort is the target.

Venue lighting solution

Venue lighting solution

As the landmark building in various regions, the gymnasion design must have functional and ornamental. It is necessary to create a perfect night visual image on this basis.

Plant lighting solution

Plant lighting solution

For indoor greenhouse cultivation crops, light is essential for its photosynthesis, growth and development. Natural light is often unable to satisfy the light of the best growth and results of the shed.

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