What are the benefits of solar integrated LED street lights?

What are the benefits of solar integrated LED street lights?

Solar integrated light, also known as solar integrated LED street light, is a solar energy that integrates high-efficiency solar panels, 8-year long-life lithium batteries, high-efficiency LEDs and intelligent controllers, and PIR human body induction modules. LED street lights, also known as integrated solar garden lights.

The solar integrated LED street light is converted into electrical energy by the solar panel, and then the lithium battery in the solar integrated LED street light is charged. In the daytime, even on cloudy days, the solar energy collects and stores the required energy, and automatically supplies it to the solar integrated street light at night to realize night lighting. At the same time, the solar integrated street light has the PIR human body sensing function, which can realize the infrared sensing of the intelligent human body at night. Control the working mode of the light, 100% bright when there are people, and automatically change to 1/3 of the brightness after a certain time delay when no one is there, saving more energy intelligently. As an "inexhaustible and inexhaustible" safe and environmentally friendly new energy source, solar energy plays an important role in the integrated solar LED street light.

The main components of the solar integrated LED street light are: an integrated light (built-in: high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, large-capacity lithium batteries, microcomputer MPPT intelligent controller, high-brightness LED light source, PIR human body induction), and light poles. It is usually installed in various traffic roads, auxiliary roads, residential roads, courtyards, mining areas and places that are not easy to draw electricity, park lighting, parking lots, rural areas, etc. to provide road lighting at night, and solar panels charge batteries to meet lighting requirements.

The benefits of solar integrated LED street lights:

1. The integrated solar LED street light adopts an integrated design, which is simple, fashionable, lightweight and practical;
2. Use solar power to save electricity and protect the earth's resources;
3. Using human body infrared induction control technology, the light is on when people come, and the light is dark when people leave, extending the lighting time;
4. High-capacity and long-life lithium batteries are used to ensure the service life of the product, generally up to 8 years;
5. There is no need to pull the wire, and the installation is extremely convenient;
6. Waterproof structure, safe and reliable;
7. It is easier to expand other functions such as timing and voice control;
8. The modular design concept is adopted, which is convenient for installation, maintenance and repair;
9. The alloy material is used as the main structure, which has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions.

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