What are the differences between LED street lights and HPS lights, and how to choose?

What are the differences between LED street lights and HPS lights, and how to choose?

Lumen aspect

LED street lights have efficiencies between 40 and 120 lumens per watt. The lumens-per-watt rating of HPS lights is actually higher, but the light from HPS street lights is omnidirectional, causing light "loss" from excess light to places it's not intended to be illuminated. Although the difference between LED street lights and HPS lights is larger in lumens per watt, because LED street lights have less "loss". LED street lights have a variety of beam angle adjustments, and you can even customize the beam angle and lighting system you want. Compared with the two, each has its own advantages.

Heat dissipation

HPS lamps generate heat—the heat that is emitted either strays into the open air or is absorbed by the ballast. In this case, but here LED street lights generate much less heat compared to HPS lights. More energy goes into the actual light emission, so LED street lights have an advantage over HPS lights in terms of heat dissipation.

In terms of service life

HPS lights have a very long service life, and before LED street lights came out, people often chose HPS lights to illuminate parking lots and vast public areas. However, the emergence of LED street lights has an ideal service life of 50,000 hours. Although it is actually only half the effect, it has surpassed the service life of HPS lamps and is also the lamp with the longest service life. The longer service life is also Indicates less maintenance, which also reduces a lot of costs.

Color rendering

In terms of color rendering, HPS lights tend to throw a very unsightly yellow glare on subjects in their light cast, so their color reproduction is really poor. LED street lights differ from HPS lights because they more accurately reproduce natural colors, which also aids in road safety applications.

start switch

In contrast to HPS lights, the LED lights up instantly at the start switch, and can also be attached to a motion sensor and turn on instantly at the slightest movement cue. This is not the case with HPS lights - these can take up to 10 minutes to reach full brightness.

Hope this is a helpful article for you! Compared with HPS lights, LED street lights do have great advantages, and the effect will be better when we combine LED street lights with solar panels. Please feel free to contact us for more information. We are committed to providing you with the best light possible.



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