led solar street lights can save more resource costs

led solar street lights can save more resource costs

The led solar street light is mainly composed of brackets, LED light sources, solar controllers, light poles and other parts. Under normal circumstances, it can be guaranteed to work normally for 3 rainy days. The led solar street light has a one-time investment and long-term benefits. No charges will be incurred during use.

The solar LED street light is a long-life, low power consumption, high power factor, that is, a high-efficiency electronic energy-saving street light with a small current harmonic content. The solar led street light lamps have been shot blasted, which can make the appearance more beautiful. After the treatment is completed, the plastic spray treatment can not only make the lamps and lanterns have more color choices, but also improve the overall corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of the lamps. The hexagonal honeycomb structure can be used, and the principle of bionics is adopted, which has a stable structure and increases the heat dissipation area.

Because the led solar street light system is solar power generation, it can work fully automatically, and the installation is easy. If you need to adjust the layout of the LED solar street light, it also saves a lot of costs and labor. In addition, there is no need for daily maintenance. In general, led solar street lights The use of street lights saves more resource costs.



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