Analysis of the problem of light decay when using LED street lights

Analysis of the problem of light decay when using LED street lights

LED light decay means that after a period of time, the light intensity of the LED street light will be lower than the original light intensity, and the lower part is the light decay of the LED. That is to say, the light decay of the LED directly affects the life of the LED street light, and the products with fast light decay will quickly dim. Therefore, in many cases, the brightness of the LED street lights we installed is relatively low, and the overall effect is not very good, and there is a situation in which the street lights fail.

For LED street lights, it must consume a certain amount of heat under normal operating conditions, so the street light shell needs to emit heat. If the heat dissipation module cannot achieve good heat dissipation, it will lead to the service life and luminous performance of LED street lights.

Another problem is that LED street lights are used outdoors, which is the disturbance factor of the environment and climate, so many LED street light manufacturers have done certain treatments on the street light shells, such as anodizing protection, or spraying paint to avoid acid. Corrosion of alkaline substances. However, there are certain defects. The life of anodized treatment is not long. After a long time, it will oxidize and discolor. If it is removed and reinstalled, it will not only take time but also increase the protection cost. However, the general baking paint has no heat dissipation function. This situation not only does not help, but because the heat energy is blocked in the radiator, the luminous power of the LED is reduced, and the thermal conductive film can not really be in close contact with the substrate, and there will be a certain open space on the bonding surface. , resulting in reduced power dissipation.

As for the problem of light decay of LED street lamps, there are also certain reasons, mainly because of the heat dissipation problem. As long as the whole problem is solved, it is possible to ensure that the use of LED street lamps will last longer, and the problem of light decay will also be dealt with to some extent. Therefore, in the process of purchasing led street lights, pay attention to the heat dissipation performance of led street lights to ensure a longer service life of the product.



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