What do you need to consider when buying LED garden lights?

What do you need to consider when buying LED garden lights?

1. The design style should be maintained harmoniously. When purchasing LED garden lights, pay attention to the design style, and try to maintain harmony with the design style of the courtyard decoration as much as possible, so as to have the overall practical effect and artistic beauty.
If the courtyard is arbitrarily matched, it will make people feel stiff and harm the practical effect of beauty and generosity. If the courtyard is decorated in European style, it is recommended to choose a more beautiful style; if it is a new Chinese style, you can choose a more elegant style. Everyone's favorite types are very different, and you can choose according to your own preferences.

2. The LED garden light source should be warm and comfortable. The key to installing LED garden lights is to facilitate everyone's evening theme activities. In addition, the average temperature at night is low, so that people feel warm. It is suitable to choose a warm and comfortable light source, which is also conducive to creating a warm atmosphere. family atmosphere. Minimize the selection of cool-colored light sources, which will make the home atmosphere cool.
3. The lightning protection index should be high. LED garden lights are installed outdoors, and there are often abnormal temperatures such as lightning and rainy days. In order to apply for a long time, choose LED garden lights with a higher lightning protection index as much as possible. Perhaps, these are all safety management measures, because LED garden lights can be easily damaged if they are struck by lightning.



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