What are the functions of LED smart street lights?

What are the functions of LED smart street lights?

There are many types of LED smart street lights on the market, so what are the advantages of smart street lights? What are the specific functions? Today, I will take Yaorong Technology's LED smart street light as an example to introduce you in detail.

1. Intelligent lighting management system

a) Seasonal dimming for energy saving and emission reduction

b) It can adjust the light by time-division and crowd density for secondary energy saving and emission reduction

c) Through the system control, it is possible to remotely switch on and off any one, all the way or a group of customized street lights.

d) The data such as switch status, brightness, current, voltage, power, etc. of street lamps can be inquired at any time.

e) It can realize the functions of fault alarm, fault detection and fault handling situation tracking.

2. Broadcast sound

a) An emergency call can be made through the broadcast audio.

b) It can convey information in a timely manner, such as: broadcasting background music, releasing information, broadcasting people, and fire-fighting broadcasting and other functions.

c) There is no limitation in operation. In places without IP network, it can also be set through the local area network.

3. One-key alarm system and monitoring

a) It is possible to call emergency help with one key, providing better and safer information and guarantee to the people.

  b) The on-site situation can be seen in real time. By installing monitoring and sensing equipment on the street light products, video monitoring and alarming can be performed on the monitoring area.

4. Environmental monitoring

a) Eight environmental monitoring: temperature, humidity, illumination, wind, wind direction, noise, PM2.5, PM10, to understand various monitoring indicators of the current environment. b) It is convenient to provide data to the environmental protection department in a timely manner, thereby helping the environmental protection department to manage the illegal polluting enterprises more effectively and achieve the purpose of jointly maintaining the environment.

5. WIFI coverage

a) Covering a wide area, providing a network sharing center to facilitate citizens to access the Internet. b) For commercial use, it can push products and various positive energy information. c) Big data collection to provide effective data analysis information

6. New energy vehicle charging pile system

a) Solve the problem of difficult charging of new energy vehicles in roadside parking spaces, parks and residential areas. b) The online network coverage of the new APP can be easily paid online (WeChat, Alipay).

7. LED multimedia information release

a) The traditional flagpole public welfare and commercial advertisements are replaced, which saves human and material resources and is convenient and fast. b) Real-time remote control, release, management and update at any time. c) Integrate sound, image, text, graphics and video.

The above is the full functional composition of Shenzhen Yaorong Technology Co., Ltd. LED smart street light. I look forward to the content of the article that everyone can refer to when choosing smart street lights. You can also consult us, and we will provide you with satisfactory service.



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