Why is smart street light the development trend of LED street lights in the future?

Why is smart street light the development trend of LED street lights in the future?

LED smart street lights combine 4g/5g smart Internet technology and integrated street lights with remote control, car charging piles, security monitoring, intelligent perception, mobile phone signal coverage and other functions, using traditional light poles as the main carrier of the Internet of Things. LED smart street lights mainly have the following functions:

1. Intelligent management of LED street lights

The intelligent management and control of LED street lights forms a wireless monitoring system with the help of automatic detection technology, new sensing technology, braking control technology, computer network technology and advanced communication methods, so as to quickly intelligently monitor the urban road lighting system and remotely monitor it. And remote control of street lights and power supply, and scientific maintenance and repair, so that maintenance personnel can better grasp the operation of street lights, and promote a significant improvement in the quality of street lights.

2. Car charging pile

At this stage, new energy vehicles have achieved good development, but the lack of sufficient car charging piles in the downstream has greatly hindered its development. The design of car charging piles mainly integrates parking spaces and LED street light poles, which promotes the development of new energy vehicles. The increase of vehicle charging piles can avoid the situation that new energy vehicles cannot be charged, effectively support the sustainable and stable development of new energy vehicles from the perspective of infrastructure services, and implement relevant concepts such as low-carbon travel and environmental protection.

3. Electronic advertising screen

Actively communicate government public welfare information, so that business, transportation and other related information can be widely disseminated at the first time, and realize related functions such as different times and separate broadcasts, and promote the improvement of efficiency. At the same time, it can also be combined with real-time traffic information to carry out reasonable traffic guidance.

4. City perception

At this stage, problems such as infrastructure loss or damage and urban pollution are becoming more and more serious, and it is necessary to ensure that urban infrastructure maintenance and environmental monitoring work meet higher requirements. Based on the rational and effective layout of the city based on LED smart street lights, the city perception network system is formed, which can comprehensively, accurately and timely analyze the real conditions of rainfall, water quality, PM10, PM2.5, noise, wind force and wind direction, as well as development trends in different regions. It is reflected, and the actual operation status of infrastructure is monitored in real time to ensure that environmental scientific research, environmental planning and environmental management are based on evidence, provide accurate and timely information, and ensure the good play of the role of urban basic services.

5. Emergency broadcast

In the event of industrial explosions, terrorist attacks and other public safety incidents, the emergency command center or public security bureau can use LED street light broadcasting to notify the public as soon as possible, and quickly implement various protective measures to reduce losses. In this regard, LED smart street lights involve emergency broadcasting, and it is necessary to realize emergency broadcasting, background music, intercom and positioning functions.

6. One-click help

If the public encounters an emergency, they can contact the rescue center personnel and the public security bureau by pressing the help button set on the smart light pole, and immediately transmit the location and other relevant information to the management platform, so that the rescue personnel or the public security can follow the relevant information. Information rushed to the scene as soon as possible to take effective rescue and processing.

Yaorong Technology is an enterprise that develops LED street light system. The smart city street light scheme developed here has a great reference value. The street light can intelligently adjust the illuminance, and at the same time, it can also be intelligently sensed. In addition, it is combined with the alarm system to deal with emergencies in time. In addition, LED street lights can also monitor noise, rainfall, wind direction, etc. If you want to know more about LED smart street lights, welcome to consult.



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