In 2021, the fourth generation of YaoRong Plant light was on display

Greenhouse gardening, in plants grow in the process of industrialization, we call it plant technology, in the sunlight greenhouse under the condition of insufficient, fill light is inevitable, plant light spectrum parameters satisfy the design requirements, spectrum do not ensure effectiveness and efficiency, in the artificial light environment, planting technology is the core technology, planting technology is a sufficient condition of the planting of artificial environment, Only under the premise of planting technology can the spectral parameters of the plant light reflect the planting effect and planting efficiency.

YaoRong Lighting plant growth light is also because of both such advantages to stand in the first echelon in the fierce market competition!

Since the opening of the global industrial hemp commercial planting market in 2017, the plant light market after the war has seen a surge in demand along with the market demand. The international front-line factories and domestic manufacturers have entered the blue ocean market of [plant lighting], such as the front-line brands. In 2018 and 2019, many enterprises have entered the market quickly. It is said that in 2020 was eliminated by the market half. It is yao China guangdong science and technology co., LTD., adhere to scientific and technological innovation, we produced the fourth generation of plant light intelligent control box, high-tech to create a better life, yao rong technology LED plant growth light completely localization, refused to follow suit, seriously do plants of basic research, research and development of cooperation with many domestic foundries, with high quality chip and light bead started their own market.

LED hemp plant light

Plants did not respond to bead brand, but only to bead spectral parameters. Human preferences for brands must not be superimposed on the application of plant-based lights. Horticulture is a complex professional discipline. It has entered into the thinking mode of only spectral parameter theory and neglected what is the core technology of plant cultivation. Spectral parameter theory only shows the lack of understanding of planting technology. Most companies in the market are also in this stage. Focus on deployment and high quality cultivation matrix on genetics, spend money on planting technology is far superior to the effect of spent on expensive imported light bead, pursued, to international companies avoid only theory of spectral parameters, effects of trapped himself in unable to address customer plant accused, yao China photoelectric lighting has been practicing his LED plant growth light development philosophy.

YaoRong Lighting believes that there are three principles of spectral technology:

1. The full spectrum of Yaorong Technology is in the leading position in the market. There is no best, only the most suitable.

2. Light quantity precedes light quality.

3. With the same planting effect, the less spectral components, the higher the photosynthetic efficiency of spectral design.

Plant light spectrum technology is constantly developing, plant light can practice a new efficient spectral technology every year, which means spectral plant photosynthetic efficiency of the design of technical period less than a year, a good spectrum design ultimately serve the planting cost, plants normally don't reflect the performance of the similar industrial products and quality identification of the product price, For industrial hemp lights, the increase in the price of the lights is not equivalent to the yield and quality of the plants. The improvement of the yield and quality of hemp can be obtained more easily through the cultivation process and does not require too much investment.

If the spectral parameters of LED light beads encapsulated by any two packaging enterprises are the same, the planting effect will be the same under the same PPFD of plant canopy and the same planting process, which has nothing to do with the brand of the light beads packaging enterprises. The most taboo of biopTICS is to superposition people's preference for light beads brand on the spectral technology, which is a big



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