LED street light

LED street light

LED smart street light pole

Front-end information center of smart city: multi-functional smart street light pole

Product introduction

The multi-functional and multi-application smart street light pole is the information center of the front end of the smart city. It can be tailored according to the needs of different scenarios and integrate corresponding functions.

Application range

Smart City, Smart Technology Park, Smart Park, Smart Street, Smart Tourism

Product Details

Smart street light pole facility installation


Urban road operation management facilities

Road Lighting Pole: Road Lighting

Traffic sign poles: road signs, lane separation signs, directional signs, prohibition signs, warning signs, tourist area signs< /p>

Signal poles: motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle, pedestrian signal light

Electric police pole: violation, traffic monitoring

Road Name Sign Pole: Road Name Sign

Public service facilities signposts: signs for stations, subways, toilets, etc.

Urban Security Services

Skynet, face recognition

Urban public service facilities

5G communication

Environmental monitoring, dust, water, manhole cover monitoring

Parking Information

Urban Landscaping

Flag, flower basket

Landscape lighting

Intelligent street light pole function system description


Smart Lighting System

Smart lighting system realizes the functions of centralized control, group control, single-lamp control dimming, timing, fault diagnosis and so on. 

Environmental detection system

The environmental monitoring system can detect humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, decibel, PM2.5, PM10, rainfall, illuminance radiation, ultraviolet intensity in real time, A single weather detection system can cover a weather range of 3km. 

Monitoring parametersScaleresolutionAccuracyRemarks
PM2.50-1000μg/m31μg/m3±10% (<500μg)Optional
PM100-1000μg/m31μg/m3±10% (<500μg)Optional
Sulfur dioxide0-5000ppb≤10ppb±5%FSOptional
Nitrogen dioxide0-5000ppb≤10ppb±5%FSOptional
Relative Humidity0-100%RH0.01%±3%RHOptional
wind speed0-60m/s0.01m/s(0-30m/s)±0.3m/s or ±3%Optional
wind direction0-360°0.1°±2°Optional
Atmospheric pressure300-1100hPa0.1hPa±0.5hPa(0-30℃)Optional
rainfall0-200mm/h0.1mmOptics: ±10%Optional
Solar Radiation0-2000W/m21W/m25%Optional
CO20-5000PPM1PPM±50PPM±% of readingOptional

Intelligent monitoring system

Meet traffic, public security, urban management, green garden, environmental protection, food and drug supervision, safety supervision, education, emergency, cultural and radio, medical and health, tourism, level , the monitoring needs of forestry and other departments. 

To achieve urban road intersections without dead ends, major road key nodes without blind spots, no omission of densely populated areas, as well as key parts, important places, high-incidence areas, The main entrances and exits of places with complex public security are fully covered. 

One key alarm system

One-key alarm front-end equipment integrates 1080P high-definition camera, supports dual network ports, supports center call front-end alarm box to realize remote information release, and supports timing opening and closing of alarm lights , Support two-way voice intercom and other functions. 

It can realize the public security 110 networking, realize the first alarm for help, and link the surveillance points around the crime scene to record. 

Information release system

Information release system, which can realize public welfare information publicity, advertisement operation release, convenience information release, emergency information release, etc. 

Intelligent Broadcasting System

Can realize any call, unified broadcast, group broadcast, emergency broadcast, background music broadcast, etc. 

Intelligent charging pile system

The intelligent charging pile system is a new function derived from the rapid development of electric vehicles. It has small size, light weight, high charging efficiency and small footprint. , The appearance is atmospheric and fashionable, and it is an important configuration function of modern smart street lamps. 

The smart charging pile is directly embedded in the light pole and does not occupy extra space.  

Intelligent charging piles are designed with various complete protections, including AC leakage protection, lightning protection, charging current overcurrent alarm and protection, charging voltage overvoltage , Undervoltage protection, emergency power failure protection, etc. 

WIFI wireless AP system

WIFI wireless AP system adopts wireless dual-band AP design. 2.4G is used for wireless coverage, and 5G can be used for wireless coverage local area network systems, as well as for wireless bridging. 

Technical parameters of smart street light pole module


module nameTechnical parameters
Light pole1. Applicable height: 4-12m
2. Applicable power: LED 60-300W 
3. Decorative light source: can be added Light strip 
4. Working environment temperature: -40~50° 
5. Working environment humidity: 10%~90% 
NB-IOT single light controller1. Communication method: NB-IoT narrowband communication standard
2. Dimming output: 1 channel, 0~10V/PWM 
 3. Electrical parameter monitoring: voltage, current, power, power factor, electrical energy
4.USIM interface: support telecommunications, mobile, Unicom IoT cards
5. Protection class: IP65
6. Antenna type ( Built-in NB external antenna and external NB internal antenna)
Meteorological Sensor1. Fixing method: sleeve fixing; flange adapter fixing
2. Shell material: ASA engineering plastic (UV and weatherproof) Anti-corrosion, no discoloration in perennial application)
3. Protection class: IP66
4.GPS: device tracking and positioning
5. Can test humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, decibel, PM2.5, PM10, rainfall, illuminance radiation, UV intensity and other parameters
Smart Camera1.4 inch dome camera, 23x optical zoom
2. Support POE+ (802.3at) power supply
3.400W pixel CMOS
4 .Maximum resolution is not less than 2560×1440
5. Supports intelligent detection functions such as regional intrusion detection, cross-border detection, motion detection, etc., supports high-efficiency infrared array, and the infrared irradiation distance is not less than 200 meters
6 .Support 360° horizontal rotation, vertical -15°-90° (automatic flip)
7.IP66 protection level
Smart Screen1. Viewing Angle: Horizontal: 140°/Vertical: 140° 2. Protection Level: IP65
3. Brightness Level: Manual 255, Auto Class 16
5. Working temperature: -20℃~+65℃
6. Working humidity: 10%~90%
7. Service life: 100000 hours
8. Audio system: Customized 2 *33W Audio
9. Function Integration: Light Sensing
10. Cabinet Material: Galvanized Sheet Metal
11. Appearance Color: Company Standard Color
12. Display Size: 640*1280mm
13. Overall size: 640*1380*95mm
14. Resolution: 160*320dot
15 Weight: 35kg
16. Average power consumption: 200W
17. Maximum power consumption: 600W 
18. Brightness:≥5500CD/m2
Smart Speaker1. Rated power: 30W
2. Input power: 24V
3. Size: 450*88.1*83.2
4. Waterproof grade: IP66
5. Interface: 1 RJ45 network port, 1 configuration port RS232
Smart charging pile1. Rated output voltage: AC220V±20%
2. Rated output current: 32A
3. Standby power consumption: <6W 
4. Applicable scene: indoor/outdoor
5. Working temperature: -30℃~+55℃
6. Working humidity: 5%~95% non-condensing
7. Protection level : IP54
8.MTBF: 100,000 hours
9. Shell material: Galvanized sheet
10. Installation method: Embedded
11. B-type/C-type connection
12. Cable Length: charging gun 5m (type C connection)
13. Safety design: overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection, grounding protection, overtemperature protection, low temperature protection, lightning protection< br>14. Functional design: card control, CAN communication, Ethernet networking, 4G networking, mobile payment, WeChat public account, background monitoring (optional)
WIFI wireless AP1.2.4G/5G dual-band coverage
2.500mW transmit power
3.10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet interface
4. Protection Rating IP67
Smart Gateway1. Stable full Netcom speed experience, fully compatible with 2G\3G\4G networks of China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom
2. Wired and wireless backup , to ensure normal and stable data transmission
3. Powerful WIFI function, support multiple modes of AP, STA, Repeater
4. Multiple wireless extensions, support multiple frequency bands
5. Industrial design metal shell, in It is stable for 7X24 hours in various outdoor environments, industrial environments and strong interference. Work without interruption

Light distribution curve of smart street light poles


Smart street light pole with Light Curve Graph

Smart street light pole with Light Curve Graph

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