Why are modular LED street lights more popular?

Why are modular LED street lights more popular?

At present, there are many types of LED street lights on the market, and many manufacturers update the shape of LED street lights every year, resulting in a variety of LED street lights on the market. We can divide LED street lights into module LED street lights and integrated LED street lights according to the light source of LED street lights. Although integrated LED street lights are cheap, module LED street lights seem to be more popular. Why?

1. The module LED street light has good heat dissipation performance and long service life.

The module LED street light fixture adopts die-casting aluminum shell, and the die-casting aluminum shell has strong heat dissipation, so its heat dissipation is greatly improved. And the LED lamp beads inside the lamp are widely spaced and scattered, which will reduce the heat accumulation inside the lamp, which is more conducive to heat dissipation. The LED street light has good heat dissipation, its stability is strong, and its natural service life is longer. The integrated LED street lamp lamp beads are relatively concentrated, the heat dissipation is poor, and the service life is naturally shorter than that of the module street lamp.

2. The module LED street light source area is large, the light output is uniform, and the illumination range is wide.

The module LED street light can flexibly design the number of modules according to the needs, reasonably distribute the number and interval of the modules, and have a larger dispersion surface, so the light source area will be relatively large and the light output will be uniform. The integrated LED street light is a single lamp bead concentrated in a rated area, so the light source area is small, the light output is uneven, and the illumination range is small.

In addition, the module LED street light can be driven by high-quality power supply according to the needs, which will improve the service life, brightness, quality and stability of the whole light. With the development of urbanization construction, people have higher and higher requirements for outdoor road lighting at night. Module LED street lights will surely occupy every corner of us and become "stars" in the night.



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