LED solar street light after-sales FAQ

LED solar street light after-sales FAQ

With the development of solar photovoltaic technology, LED solar street lights are becoming more and more popular. Today we will talk about the common problems of after-sales of solar street lights.

First of all, what is LED solar street light? Solar street lights are powered by crystalline silicon solar cells. Maintenance-free valve-regulated sealed batteries (gel batteries) store electrical energy. Ultra-bright LED lights are used as light sources and are controlled by intelligent charge and discharge controllers to replace traditional practical street lights.

What should I do once I notice that the LED solar street light is not on?

First press the test button with the small remote control to light up? If the indicator light is not on, it is nothing more than a problem of four accessories, namely the controller, battery, solar panel and light panel. If you have enough knowledge and technology, you can also check it yourself, it is best to contact the manufacturer and let them send professional technicians to deal with it.

How to check our LED solar street light?

Check all installation locations and the number of lamps, and arrange inspection routes reasonably. Read parameters, because our remote control is infrared, the distance to receive parameters is limited. Try to avoid reading parameters during the day. You can read parameter analysis one by one in the dark.

How to judge whether the lamp is abnormal through the status parameter during the inspection process?

(1) Judging from the battery HV and LV of the previous week, the battery voltage is lower than 9.3V in one day, or the HV is higher than 20V, which is close to the no-load voltage of the solar panel. It is usually determined that LED solar street lights may be abnormal and the following conditions are as follows:

(2) Judging according to the number of overcharges and overdischarges; the probability that the number of overdischarges is close to the number of operations or the number of operations exceeds the number of operations is very high. The closer the number of full days is to the number of operating days, the better the light operating status and lighting conditions.

I hope this article can help those who need help. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Yaorong Technology



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