The significance of LED street light promotion and how to achieve the effect of energy saving

The significance of LED street light promotion and how to achieve the effect of energy saving

A few years ago, the road lighting system actively promoted energy-saving high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps. Nowadays, high-power and high-efficiency LED street lights almost replace traditional lighting. The characteristics of LED street lights are long life, high luminous efficiency, and strong fog permeability. It can be widely used in road lighting, flood lighting, square lighting and other fields. Under the same brightness, the power consumption of LED lamps is only 1/10 of that of ordinary incandescent lamps. However, its life can be extended by 100 times, compared with metal halide lamps. Or high-pressure sodium lamp street lamps save more than 60% of electricity, especially in line with the concept and requirements of green lighting, so LED street lamps have important energy-saving significance.

LED street lighting energy-saving tube effect:

1. Reasonable determination of lighting standards

According to the type of road, the environment and its importance in the urban road network, the appropriate illuminance value of the designed road should be determined, and high illuminance should not be blindly pursued. In general, the average illuminance value of roads in small and medium-sized cities is close to the low-grade value of the design standard, and the design value of central cities and metropolises is close to the high-grade value of the design standard; even in the same city, the illuminance value can be reasonably selected according to the needs of the road to achieve electrical energy. effective use.

2. Midnight light control

At present, the main roads in the city are wider, and more consideration is given to the use of double-arm street light poles or single-arm street light poles. In the second half of the night, when there are few vehicles, the requirements for lighting quality can be appropriately reduced. In addition, many three-plate road structures now usually consider the lighting of fast, slow lanes and sidewalks in the lighting design. In the second half of the night, there are few non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians in the slow lane, and the lighting requirements are not high. For these situations, using the operating mode of full and midnight lights and turning off some street lights reasonably can achieve better energy-saving effect.

3. Reasonable maintenance and management system

Due to the pollution of light sources and lighting fixtures, the luminous flux is reduced, which is also the cause of energy waste. It is also important to formulate a reasonable maintenance management system, repair faulty lights in time, regularly replace light sources with expired life and reduced luminous flux, and maintain power supply lines in time. Through frequent cleaning of lighting fixtures, the dust and dirt on the surface of the lighting fixtures can be removed, and only a small amount of money can be spent, the average illuminance of the road can be greatly increased, and a good lighting effect can be obtained.



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