LED Flood light Ensures Light Efficiency

LED floodlight can be placed anywhere in the scene. LED omni-directional light is the point light that shines evenly in all directions, its irradiation range can be adjusted arbitrarily, illuminate the function of the whole scene.

LED Floodlight also known as spotlights, projection lights, LED Flood Light spotlights and so on, mainly used for building decorative lighting use, as well as commercial space lighting, decorative components are heavier, the outside type has a round also well. The following small series to the preferred lighting led floodlight For example, explain its main features, the specific contents are as follows:

Characteristics One, the unidirectional nature of light, there is no diffuse light, to ensure the efficiency of light.

Features two, light efficiency: the use of ≥100lm above the chip, LED Flood Light compared to the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp can save more than 75%.

Features three, long life: can use more than 50,000 hours, providing three years of quality assurance. The disadvantage is that the power supply life expectancy is not guaranteed.

Features four, each unit led small pieces only very small volume, LED Flood Light so can be prepared into a variety of shapes of the device, and suitable for the changeable environment.

Features five, anti-aging foam silicone rubber strip effectively sealed, outside the lamp shell electrostatic spray treatment, the overall lighting protection level Tatsu IP65, LED Flood Light so that lamps can be used in high humidity environment.

Features six, high-pressure die-casting aluminum integrated lamp shell, the power cavity and the light source cavity is completely separated, the light source cavity and the LED light source is closely connected with the external heat dissipation wing and air convection heat, LED Flood Light can effectively guarantee the light source and power supply life.

Features VII. LED Floodlight light fade Small, a year of light decay less than 3%, the use of 10 years still achieve the use of illuminance requirements, and high pressure sodium lamp, a year or so has dropped more than 30%, therefore, LED street lamp in the use of power design can be lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp.

Features eight, LED floodlight has automatic control of energy-saving device, can meet the requirements of different time period of lighting to reduce the maximum possible power, save electricity. Spark Intelligent LED Street lamp can realize the computer dimming, the time period control, the light control, LED Flood Light the temperature control, the long-distance control, the automatic inspection and so on human function.

Features nine, LED is a low-voltage device, driving a single led voltage of safety voltage, series of products single LED power is 1 watts, LED Flood Light so it is a more secure than the use of high-voltage power supply, especially suitable for public places (such as: petroleum, chemical, coal, tunnel, Plaza, warehouses, shopping malls, building lighting and other fields.) )。



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