LED High Bay Light

LED High Bay Light

240W Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay Light

240W Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay Light

Product introduction

The Yaorong Bluetooth Fixture Sensor is designed for Smart Lighting Fixtures (Bluetooth Mesh Communication). Integrated sensors capture data that is both processed locally and transmitted over the Yaorong network, enabling a full suite of applications. In addition, the sensor supports Bluetooth® Low Energy communication with tags and other BLE devices.

Application range

supermarket,Plant,workshop,Exhibition hall,factory,stadium,etc.

Product Details

About Yaorong Bluetooth Microwave Sensor  


Bluetooth Microwave Sensor Features

Bluetooth Microwave Sensor Application

Bluetooth Control

Sensor Coverage

Meet DLC 5.2 Networked Lighting Control System.

Localized Lighting Control: Light-level schedules, preferences, and profiles for each fixture are wirelessly communicated at system setup and stored for continuous operation.

Bluetooth Low Energy: An embedded BLE radio allows the sensor to receive and transmit beacons as well as support communication with lighting control devices and other sensors.

OccupancyA/ancacy/Manual: A digital Passive Infrared (Microwave sensor) sensor combined with ambient with 3 difference modes as options.

Daylight Harvesting: Captured ambient light information is locally processed to raise and lower light levels based on available daylight.

Room and Zone Control: Pairs with room switches for code-compliant manual-on or auto-off capability. Sensors can be grouped into zones that share occupancy sensing data and coordinate light control based on detected motion.

Bluetooth Microwave Sensor Parameters

Bluetooth Microwave Sensor
Motion SensingMicrowave Sensor
Input Power10-28VDC,>50mA
Control Output0-10V, max 25mA sinking current
Mounting Height50ft(15m) Max.
Detection angle360°
Operating temperature-20°C-60℃
Wireless Standards5.0 Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth Microwave Sensor Size Atlas

Yaorong Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay LightAdvantages 


  1. Anti-ultraviolet design: The  LED high bay lamp of Yaorong Technology is made of PC material, which has high  strength, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, small creep, and almost no  change under high temperature conditions. Anti-UV, no discoloration and no aging  in indoor and outdoor use.
  2. Long service life: Under ideal  conditions, the service life of LED high bay lights is about 100,000 hours.  Considering the influence of various factors, its service life is still as high  as 50,000 hours, which is several times longer than that of traditional  lamps.
  3. Durable: Yaorong Technology LED  high bay lights use high-end chips, 3030 patches. It is made of high-quality  aluminum substrate and high-quality silicone sleeve. It is safe and convenient,  with the advantages of anti-aging, non-yellowing, and high temperature  resistance.
  4. Dimmable: Yaorong Technology  LED high bay lights support 0-10v dimming and DALI dimming. The former has a  good dimming effect, and the latter has a wide dimming range. Both can irradiate  the light to the area that needs to be illuminated to ensure the light  efficient.
  5. Beautiful appearance design:  The overall appearance of Yaorong Technology's LED industrial and mining lamp is  imitating UFO spacecraft model design, ultra-thin and unique shell, perfect  radial design, simple and fashionable appearance.
  6. Intelligent light/human sensor:  Yaorong Technology LED high bay light can be equipped with intelligent sensor  module, the light will be on when people come, and the light will be off when  people go. Intelligent dimming and microwave induction configuration are  optional, freeing hands and embracing life.

Yaorong Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay Light Certification


Yaorong Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay Light Parameters


Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay Light
ModelCRILuminous FluxPower
Warranty5 years
Power Efficiency≥0.9
Protection levelIP65
Beam angle60°/90°/120°
Shell ColorBlack/Silver/White/Customized Color

Yaorong Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay Light reflectors


3 kind reflectors for option,All covers have 60°/90°/120°degree for options

Yaorong Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay Light Light Distribution


60° light distribution angle

90° light distribution angle

120° light distribution angle

Yaorong FONDA-RTU200 centralized controller Parameters


FONDA-RTU200 centralized controller
NameFONDA-RTU200 centralized controllerTemperature-40°~85°
Power12V batterySensitivity-80~-60dBV
CommunicationSupport GPRS communication mode, support Ethernet remote communication modeInterfaceSupport RS485, USB and Ethernet communication interface
Switch outputBuilt-in 4 DO switch output, 250VAC/5AFrequency132KHz
SystemEmbedded Linux operating system, clear software structure,
Reliable performance, easy to upgrade
Surge immunityLevel 2, Level 3, Level 4
Elec ParameterVoltage, current, power, factor, electric energyProtection levelIP65
Dimensions288*177*95mmAntenna typeExternal
Advantages1. With LCD display function;
2. Based on a high-performance 32-bit industrial-grade ARM9 as a microcontroller;  Using a highly reliable Linux operating system as an embedded application platform;
3. Built-in smart meter, realize remote data reading of electric energy and other data, support remote data reading of external electric meter;
4. Fully sealed protective shell, strong anti-interference ability, can withstand high voltage, lightning and high frequency signal interference;

 Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay Light Size Atlas


Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay Light Installation methods Atlas



 Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay Light Packaging information


WattageProduct Dimension(mm/in)Carton Box DimensionN.W (Kg/lb)G.W(Kg/lb)One Carton
PC Reflector470×470×210mm
14.57×14.57×7.87 in
AL Reflector520×520×380mm

 Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay Light Packaging Atlas


Precautions for installation of  Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay Light


  • Please cut off the power before installation and make sure that the installation part can bear the weight of the lamp.
  • In order to prevent the lamp from falling off, please make sure that the installation is correct.
  • Please do not use it in a place with corrosive gas.
  • Please do not cover any material on the lamp.
  • For safety, please connect the ground wire securely.
  • This LED lamp has a five-year warranty from the date of purchase.
  • However, failures caused by disassembly, modification, or improper construction of this product are not within the scope of this warranty.

Five-year warranty


  • Yaorong Technology is committed to providing customers with cost-effective LED lighting products. And provide high-quality after-sales service ahead of peers.
  • Yaorong Technology provides a 5-year warranty. However, unauthorized disassembly or destruction of Yaorong Technology LED lighting products will not be eligible for warranty service.
  • If you need after-sales service support, please contact our after-sales staff during the warranty period. Yaorong Technology after-sales engineers communicate with you about after-sales matters.

Yaorong Bluetooth Microwave Sensor UFO High Bay Light case applications


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