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LED plant lamp replaces traditional sodium lamp

Due to technical limitations, traditional sodium lamps can only meet basic lighting needs. Today, with the rapid development of lighting technology, people's demand for light is no longer limited to lighting.

At the same time, because the sodium lamp light source contains metallic mercury and metallic sodium (turned into mercury vapor and sodium vapor after being energized), it has a short lifespan (compared to LEDs), and subsequent waste treatment will pollute the environment, and it will gradually be replaced by green LED light sources. , People use LED lights with high luminous efficiency and low energy consumption.

Project Title: LED plant lights replace traditional sodium lights

Application product: first generation plant light

Project address: California, USA

As a subdivided emerging industry in the LED industry in recent years, LED plant lighting has been widely used in agricultural planting fields such as medicinal materials (hemp) planting, plant factories, greenhouse flowers, and urban agriculture.

The project in this case is located in California, which is one of the legalized cultivation areas of medicinal cannabis in the United States.

The planters used high-pressure sodium lamps before, which have the advantages of higher light efficiency, longer service life, and higher comprehensive energy efficiency; however, the high-pressure sodium lamps have poor lighting durability, low safety (containing mercury), and cannot be close. Problems such as exposure are also very prominent.

Yaorong LED Plant Light Specification Standard

In this lighting upgrade, hemp growers adopted Yaorong’s first-generation LED plant lights, which have an IP66 protection level, and solved the problem of lighting continuity: through effective lighting, photosynthesis can be carried out at different stages of the crop growth process. Within a certain time unit, it can bring more production capacity to the greatest extent, and control and accelerate the growth of plants.

In addition, Yaorong LED plant lights can save more than 40% of electric energy than traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. They have a five-year warranty and after-sales service, and have a longer service life. It also eliminates the problem of environmental pollution caused by subsequent waste disposal of lamps.

The customer said: After using Yaorong's LED plant lights, the growth rate of cannabis is faster and the growth is better. After replacing the lamp, it can bring a good rate of return. The plant lamp is more economical and practical than the sodium lamp.

For a long time, Yaorong is committed to developing professional greenhouse lighting solutions and has rich experience in the field of plant lighting.

The power and spectrum of LED plant lights can be intelligently adjusted to meet the needs of light in different growth stages of crops, so as to achieve the optimal lighting solution and save energy at the same time.

Therefore, customers choose Yaorong's LED plant lights and light formulas for different crops and different growth stages of crops, which can effectively realize intelligent and efficient greenhouse light supplementation and increase the production capacity per unit area of greenhouses.

The ultraviolet light of 300~400nm is conducive to the formation of plants, the coloring of flowers and fruits, and the formation of vitamin C;

The blue-violet light of 400~510nm has high absorption rate of plants and strong photosynthesis, which is conducive to the formation of plants;

Red light of 610~720nm, high absorption rate of plants, strong photosynthesis, strong photoperiod effect under some conditions, infrared light of 720~1000nm, affects plant elongation, plays an important role in photoperiod and seed formation, and controls Flowering and fruit color.

I believe that in the near future, LED plant lights will replace traditional sodium lamps on a large scale. Because of their high economic return and practical value, they will become the new darling in the field of agricultural planting. Yaorong will continue to cultivate in the field of plant lights, aiming to provide customers with the best Lighting upgrade solution.



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