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The difference between LED street light and traditional street lamp


The difference between LED street light and traditional street light

(1) Energy saving: At present, the luminescence of white LED street lights can save electricity by 50%~60%. With the rapid improvement of LED efficiency, semiconductor street lights have shown great potential in energy saving. LED street light has a unique secondary optical design, the light of the LED street light to the required lighting area, further improve the lighting efficiency, in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving.
(2) Brightness: LED street lights have different brightness and different prices. The brightness of LED bulbs is expressed by lumens. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light and the more expensive the price.
(3) leakage current: LED street light is a unidirectional conductive light body, if there is a reverse current, it is called leakage. LED street lights with large leakage current have short life and low price, whereas the price is high.
(4)LED chip: LED luminescent body for the chip, using more than 100LM chip, compared with the traditional high pressure sodium light can save more than 75%.
(5) Low maintenance cost: according to the current technical level and test results, high-power LED street lights can be used normally for 10 years without replacement, and the use of semiconductor light sources can greatly reduce the maintenance cost.
(6) life: can use more than 50,000 hours, to provide three years of quality assurance, the deficiency is that the life of the power supply can not be guaranteed, the key to different quality is life, life is determined by the light decline. Small light decay, long life, long life and high price, the average life of LED street lights is higher than that of traditional lights.
(7) Chip power size: the power size of a single chip is different in price, the quality of high-power chip LED is better than that of small chip, and the price is proportional to the power size of the chip. However, integrated chips can not be the same. Integrated chips are composed of multiple 1W chips or less, which are not as stable as a single chip with a long life.