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How to choose the LED street lamp reasonably


How to choose the LED street lamp reasonably

The selection of LED street lamps and lanterns mainly tests the reflection, illumination and maintenance coefficient. The quality of road lighting can generally be measured by the three indexes of road brightness, uniformity and glare. The quality of road lighting is shown in:
1. Brightness level
The average road brightness has different brightness requirements according to the road grade. General expressway and main road need more than 2cd/m2 brightness requirements, secondary road and side road or small road is relatively low. If the LED lamp head use power is too large, then the battery may be due to excessive discharge and lead to aging in advance of the situation, if the power is too small, the LED lamp head brightness is not enough and cause unnecessary cost waste, so we should carefully choose the use of power in the choice of LED lamp head.
2, battery capacity calculation:
When the LED solar street lamp is designed and configured, if the battery capacity is small, the problem is more likely to occur in the period of more rainy days, which will bring a huge burden to the battery.
According to the local cloudy and rainy conditions to determine the selection of battery type and battery storage days, the south rainy weather is more, the choice of storage weather is generally 5-7 cloudy and rainy.
3, solar panel capacity calculation:
LED solar street lamp design configuration panel power is small may cause the battery is not full, at the beginning of the use of normal performance, but after a few rainy days, the light began to dark, less than a year on the whole into a dark, this situation is more common. When we configure the panels, we must choose the right power.
4. Controller selection:
The controller is generally made of stainless steel, with beautiful and durable features, charge and discharge control