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Which kind of solar street light installed in the countryside is good


Which kind of solar street light installed in the countryside is good

Solar street light manufacturer YaRong Lighting to introduce us in the installation of several common solar street light configuration. And how customers to choose and buy their own solar street lights, LED lights.

New rural solar road LED light has a few points of environmental conservation, low carbon environmental protection, some light source waste damage to the environment is huge, solid structure LED street light in the shape of the structure has a strong plasticity, can beautify the city and lighting, in the optical design of LED street light volume is very small.
With the development of economy, the earth is becoming increasingly short of energy, while the cost of capital investment in infrastructure, such as road lighting, is increasing day by day, and there are all kinds of safety hazards. It is just like this, solar street lights are followed by solar water heater.
General solar street light manufacturers will ask customers how many watts of light cap, many customers who do not know too much about LED street lights may be confused and do not know how many watts they need. In this case, you only need to tell the street light manufacturer your requirements for the light intensity on the line, such as the average brightness of the line must be exceptionally bright.
Under normal circumstances, 5 meters 15 watts, 5 meters 20 watts light 6 to 8 hours a day, these two specifications can meet the basic needs. Relatively speaking, these two kinds of solar street light prices are relatively cheap.
For the lighting time depends on the needs of customers, generally we install the lighting 6-8 hours in the village is more.
Generally speaking, the roads in the countryside are not particularly wide, 5-6 meters of road width is more common, so Ann