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How does a solar street lamp work on a rainy day


How does a solar street lamp work on a rainy day

First solar street light is in the case of a rainy day continue to work, because a portion of the batteries to store electrical energy, in the absence of sunlight into electricity, street lamp can also work for a period of time, but when the originally stored energy depletion has always not solar energy supplement, solar street light will stop working. Because the battery of the solar street lamp has the ability to store electricity, it can absorb sunlight through the panels, and then store the sunlight in the battery. That way, when the solar panels are no longer able to absorb the sun's energy at night, the controller notifies the battery to supply the energy. Solar energy can operate normally in cloudy and rainy days, but also has a certain relationship with the storage of solar batteries, batteries and solar panels, the greater the more energy can be stored.
Under normal circumstances, the default rainy days of most solar street lamps produced by solar street lamps manufacturers are two to three days, and the rainy days of integrated solar street lamps will be slightly longer, as little as five days or as many as seven days. This indicates that in the case of continuous rainy days, as long as the rain time does not exceed the number of days specified in the product, even if the solar street lamp can not supplement the solar energy, it can also work normally, but once the number of days exceeds this, the solar street lamp will exhaust the stored electricity and can not be used normally. If it is more cloudy and rainy areas, it is best to improve the overall configuration, so as to ensure that the solar street light can also complete a good operation in a number of cloudy and rainy days.
Then, because there is an intelligent controller inside the solar street lamp, when there are many rainy days in the local area, the solar panel can not absorb the sunlight, the intelligent controller will reduce the loss of its discharge, to ensure that it can pass a few more rainy days. This controller is relatively convenient, can ensure that the solar street light can be used normally in rainy days.