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LED floodlights improve people's safety in industry


Improving safety in industry should be the top priority of every industrial site. Outdated high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps and fluorescent lamps may pose unnecessary danger to employees. In industry, lighting is essential to ensure factory safety and productivity. The clear visibility of hazards at the work site can reduce accidents by as much as 60%. LED floodlights can not only reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and even deaths, but also save you a lot of cost and maintenance burden during the service life.

1. Does not contain toxic substances

HPS bulbs and fluorescent tubes may contain mercury, phosphorus and other rare earth minerals. If the lamps are damaged, they are all air pollutants and soil pollutants. And when the bulb ruptures, it poses a risk of poisoning to workers. Switching to high-efficiency LED floodlights can not only reduce pollution related to energy production, but also eliminate the risk of hazardous substances, because LED floodlights do not contain harmful chemicals. Moreover, the rated service life of the lamps is 100,000 hours or longer, which not only saves but also reduces the pollution to workers and the environment.

2. Provide true colors

The inability to distinguish between colors is a huge security risk. Warning signs and signs usually rely on color coding to convey hazards. Wires are color-coded. However, the low color rendering of HPS lights will produce unnatural orange light, which makes it difficult to distinguish the colors, which causes the staff to face misunderstanding of color clues. risks of. But LED floodlights provide ideal colors for increased alertness, color perception and productivity. Restore the true colors so that the staff can safely distinguish. Compared with HPS, the white light of LED floodlights can increase alertness and reduce fatigue by 5 times by suppressing melatonin levels.

3. Improve visibility of danger

The clarity and visibility of lighting are the safest and most effective solutions to safety risks in the industry. The workplace accident rate is high and can be improved by better lighting. Poor visibility is the main cause of slip, trip and fall hazards and contact with moving objects. When the overall lighting increases, the accident rate is reduced by as much as 60%. Traditional HPS lamps usually provide poor lighting, which makes it difficult for industrial personnel to locate surrounding hazards. However, LED floodlights can produce high-quality light, enabling workers to discover potential risks, improve the lighting environment and reduce risks.

4. Reduce safety hazards

Replacing light bulbs in industry is also a dangerous job, which may lead to risks including electric shock and falling from heights. Traditional lamps often fail in harsh environments, which makes lighting maintenance a continuous chore. The service life of LED floodlights is three times longer than that of traditional lamps, which basically means that lighting maintenance is reduced, and hidden dangers are also reduced. HPS lighting emits high levels of unsafe ultraviolet radiation, which may cause workers to be often exposed to the outside without their knowledge, and have a great impact on human health. Therefore, it is a safer choice to switch to LED floodlights, because LED floodlights contain zero-hazardous materials, reducing maintenance costs and reducing safety hazards, and will not cause any impact on people's health.

Advantages of LED floodlights in industrial lighting

1. LED floodlights can get twice as much light with half the energy. Now some industries still rely on traditional lighting. We have seen many low-efficiency products during lighting audits. For safety and cost considerations, industrial lighting should start from Switching from traditional lighting to LED floodlights, LED floodlights provide less than half of the wattage of traditional lamps, with higher lumens and up to 3 times the service life. Almost all of our LED floodlights are at least twice as efficient as traditional lamps.

2. Fewer lamps are used, and traditional lamps are usually unable to provide proper lighting levels for their intended facilities. Especially in the case of high ceiling installations, there is no directional light capability, so for ceiling heights of 50-100 feet, the number of luminaires installed must be increased to improve visibility. LED flood light can provide you with clear, low glare lighting where you need it. Our retrofit customers usually install fewer LED floodlights and achieve high luminous efficiency throughout the industry.

3. Longer service life, such as HPS, metal halide and fluorescent lamps need a long time to warm up, especially under extreme temperatures. Once turned on, it is difficult for them to maintain lighting at temperatures below 40°F, which causes the ballast to work harder. This will reduce the light output and reduce the lifetime, resulting in reduced visibility and premature failure. The LED floodlights not only perform well in cold areas, but also have a service life that far exceeds that of traditional lighting. This also allows LED floodlights to minimize the cost of replacement and less investment, and provides a safer and more reliable environment in the facility.

The performance optimization design of LED floodlight products is suitable for industrial places with clear visibility requirements for light. High brightness and good color rendering, with the characteristics of anti-light decay, pure light color and anti-glare. It is more energy-efficient than traditional lamps and presents colors more realistically and makes the visual sense more comfortable. This also improves the safety of industrial personnel at work and reduces more safety hazards. At the same time, LED floodlights have a longer service life, which can also save customers more cost input.