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LED floodlights are so popular: thanks to their own advantages


Most people will choose LED floodlights for lighting purposes, because it has many advantages over incandescent floodlights. There are traditional floodlights on the market. Because LED floodlights do not contain mercury, they are environmentally friendly lighting solutions compared to other lighting systems. LED floodlights have a longer life and energy saving than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lamps. More robust than ordinary bulbs, this durability allows them to withstand harsh weather conditions. Some motion sensor LED flood lights have motion sensors, so you can use them as security lights.

LED floodlights are usually divided into two categories according to their configuration: integrated and modular.

Integrated LED floodlights are similar to their HID predecessors, they are designed in a separate system. This type of LED floodlight is designed to accommodate light engines whose system wattage is usually less than 300 watts. The electrical system and LED components are housed in a sealed die-cast aluminum housing. Previous generations of LED floodlights replicated the appearance of HID systems, usually bulky and clumsy in appearance. Modern integrated LED floodlights often have organic designs and stylish forms. The perfect integration of all elements into the structure ensures that these visually attractive lamps provide great aesthetic value that is essential to enhance the built environment and landscape design.

The modular floodlighting system provides a large number of options and customizations with a scalable architecture. The basic building block of these LED floodlights is the modular engine, which includes all the elements of the system except the power supply. The modular architecture allows a variable number of light engines to be mounted on a bracket or fixed to a frame to provide the lumen packaging and light distribution required to meet the design specifications. LED drivers and other electronic components are usually connected to the back of the luminaire. Waterproof drives are either exposed outdoors or encapsulated in a sealed PSU to provide additional protection. Modular design has the advantages of lumen package expandability, adjustable beam direction of each module, and convenient maintenance and replacement.

Modular floodlighting system

The LED floodlight is constructed from a sturdy aluminum housing, which enables the luminaire to operate safely in the most demanding installations, while providing conduction and convection cooling for the LED. The aluminum housing of LED floodlights is usually made by die-casting. Compared with many other mass production processes, it can produce geometrically complex products with tighter tolerances and higher dimensional stability. The chassis of the modular floodlighting system is also usually made of die-cast aluminum to ensure structural strength while maintaining a stylish appearance. The aluminum heat sink of the modular LED engine is usually extruded to improve thermal performance. The aluminum structure has high mechanical strength, good thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance, and the lamp housing has excellent surface finish. The design of floodlighting lamps should provide a reduced effective projection area to minimize wind load requirements.

LED floodlight installation skills

1. Install fences and drill holes on the wall, laboriously according to actual requirements, generally within 3 cm;

2. Take anti-static measures, such as the workbench should be grounded, workers should wear corresponding anti-static clothing, and take anti-static measures, because the quality of LED floodlights is different, and the anti-static ability is strong or weak;

3. Pay attention to the airtightness of the installation, the airtightness is not good, and the diameter affects the service life of the LED floodlight;

4. The wiring of LED flood light should not exceed 25 cm, and the transformer power supply can be lengthened accordingly, otherwise the brightness will be affected.

Precautions for the installation of LED floodlights

1. Try to use series LEDs, because the voltage difference of LED floodlights is quite special. The peak current of ordinary LEDs is maintained at 80mA, and the reverse voltage is around 6V. In LED applications, attention should be paid to the limitation of peak voltage and current during circuit design;

2. Used for soldering under 25 watts voltage, the soldering iron is individually controlled to be exposed to the SMD LED at a high temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, do not squeeze its epoxy part, LED floodlights or wipe with sharp objects, because the LED lights are very fragile , Easy to damage, welding time 3 seconds.

LED floodlights are widely used, so installation tips and precautions are very important. Under the correct installation method, LED floodlights can ensure that LED floodlights work stably and normally for a long time.

The main features of LED floodlights are as follows:


1. The housing and module of the LED floodlight are made of die-cast aluminum (ADC12) to ensure the safety of use (anti-typhoon level 12), and the anti-collision level reaches IK10.

2. The color of the lamp body of the LED flood light can be selected: black, white, and silver.

3. The modular design of the LED floodlight, the radiator adopts high-conductivity aviation aluminum material to provide sufficient heat dissipation area, so that the temperature rise is not higher than 30℃.

4. The silicone sealing ring of LED flood light is formed by die-casting of raw materials, so that the module radiator and lens are perfectly combined, and the waterproof level of the lamp can reach IP66.

5. LED floodlight optical lens: high optical precision design requirements, using PC raw materials (anti-ultraviolet), no color change after 10 years of use. There are 7 kinds of light-emitting angles to choose: 25°-40°-80°-120° (transparent cover-frosted cover) -30*70°-70*140°-polarized 40° and other multiple angles can be selected, LED flood light The lamp adapts to different occasions.

6. The LED floodlight adopts OSRAM LED light source, the light efficiency of the lamp is more than 130LM/W, the color saturation is good, the color rendering index Ra≥80, and the service life of the LED floodlight is more than 60,000 hours.

7. LED floodlight installation method: it can be hoisted, wall-mounted, or ground up. Both sides of the lamp holder are equipped with automatic lamp angle adjustment devices, which do not require any tools to adjust the angle. Each adjustment is 15 degrees, and the maximum can be adjusted to 180 degrees.

8. LED flood light quality assurance: 5 years, the product has obtained TUV, CE, CB, FCC, SAA, PSE, IK08, IP66 certification.

LED floodlights are all-rounders of outdoor lighting. In addition to road and street lighting that need to customize the beam pattern according to the road design, it can become a qualified candidate for almost all outdoor applications that require directional lighting in a specific area. LED floodlights are available in a variety of beam patterns and lumen packages, coupled with their optical sighting capabilities and installation flexibility, provide a solution that can improve photometric performance through the "test and adjust" process. They can be used to extend the daytime functions of exterior spaces and outdoor facilities to night, or to highlight and highlight architectural and landscape elements, thereby transforming the dark exterior into an inspired night view.