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Which one is better to choose the lens material of the LED flood light?


Now LED flood light has become a commonly used lighting fixture in our daily life. Compared with traditional lighting equipment, LED floodlights have more obvious advantages, so different uses have been developed in many fields. One of the advantages is the adjustable beam angle and light output efficiency. This is due to the effect of the LED floodlight lens. The choice of the lens material for the LED floodlight is very important, because the lens materials used in different occasions are not the same. You can see it right away. arrive.

1. Silicone material

At present, the lens of the LED floodlight housing kit made of silicone material is a more widely used one on the market. It has ultra-high light transmittance, small size and better heat resistance. It can also be reflowed and used in the entire LED Most used in the packaging industry.

2. PC material

The PC LED floodlight lens is easy to mold, and the size and control cost are relatively low, but its high temperature resistance performance is far better than that of the acrylic lens.

3. Acrylic PMMA material

Acrylic pmc LED flood light housing kit lens is generally used for high-power wall washer. Its main feature is that the light transmission performance is better, so its working temperature is not easy to exceed 80 ℃.

4. Glass material-tempered glass

We generally choose tempered glass during production, and it is rarely made of glass, because glass lenses are relatively expensive and have higher light transmittance. However, because glass is fragile, glass is rarely used in the market. The translucent mirror is used as the lens of the housing kit of the LED flood light.

In addition to the choice of lens material when choosing LED floodlights, the following factors are also very important.

1. In terms of shell material: the shell material is needed for heat dissipation, and the aerospace polymer material is selected, which not only allows good heat dissipation, but also enhances safety in terms of heat resistance and anti-touch. High-power LED floodlights will convert some energy into heat, so heat dissipation is very important. Pay attention to the heat dissipation requirements when choosing.

2. In terms of wattage: the wattage is generally lower than the actual wattage. The manufacturer tells you 100w, but the actual wattage may be 95w. If you want to test the power, you can only buy professional instruments for testing, the quality and size of the light source chip, in order to reduce costs and improve competitiveness.

3. Power supply: After choosing to disassemble and look at the power supply, there is no waterproof epoxy resin in the power supply, and the power supply is waterproof. The power supply is assembled by many electronic parts. The power supply of the LED flood light must be glued and waterproof, so that it will not affect its service life.

4. Sealing aspect: if the waterproofing is good or not, if the sealing is good, it is not easy to enter water, that is to say, the waterproof performance is good, as long as the lamp housing is good, plus a good sealing strip, it must be above IP65.

5. Process: The quality of LED flood light is related to the power of the lamp, light source and sealing strip, thickness of the cable, the use of thermal grease, the level of workmanship (attentiveness, welding process), and workers in small workshops do not wash their hands. Talk about those anti-static clothes.

What are the main advantages of LED flood lights?

1. Smart chip control

Because the LED floodlights are equipped with smart chips inside, it makes the operator more relaxed. Through the dynamic effects set in advance by the chip, various lights such as gradation, various flashing methods, gradation, etc. can be changed automatically.

2. Simple installation, no radiation

The major advantage of LED floodlights is that they reduce operating links and are easy to install. Because the structure of the floodlight itself is simple, and because the electromagnetic compatibility of the floodlight is good, it will not produce electromagnetic radiation to the surrounding people and the environment. At the same time, the lamps are all It is equipped with a scale plate to facilitate the adjustment of the irradiation angle and more precise adjustment of the angle.

3. Good energy saving and long service life

Because the LED floodlight adopts secondary optical technology, it can reflect the light on the translucent plate back with higher brightness when emitting light, so that the light can be better projected when the light source reflects light, which can effectively save electricity. In addition, after testing, the lighting time of the lamp tube is about 2 times longer than that of the ordinary lamp tube, so relatively speaking, the useful life of the projector is also longer.

The process of making LED floodlights is relatively advanced, so under such a technical level, the product itself often needs to have a very high work efficiency.

Such products are often the first choice for commercial lighting. The LED projection light does not cause any irritation to the human eyes, and it has a very good effect on protecting eyesight. In fact, the effect of light is very important. Especially for lighting places,