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What are the aspects of LED flood lights that need to be paid attention to


LED flood light is very popular in outdoor landscape lighting, and its ability to stand out among the increasingly fierce engineering lighting products is due to its characteristics. However, it is necessary to carefully screen the lamps and lanterns, and it is more advantageous to choose high-quality products.

There are several points to note about LED floodlights, which are related to the normal use and personal safety of the lamps:

1. The LED flood light adopts waterproof and moisture-proof design, and the protection level should be high. It can withstand the test of rain, but cannot work underwater, and its protection level does not meet the requirements of underwater work.

2. The installation position of the LED flood light must have sufficient load-bearing capacity, and its load-bearing capacity should be able to bear more than 10 times the weight of the driver.

3. The working power supply of LED flood light is high-voltage alternating current. Keep away from places that are easily accessible to people, and the lamps should be grounded, and a grounding wire must be used.

4. The LED flood light is a power type device, which is very sensitive to the ambient temperature. When the working environment temperature is higher than 45°C, its life will be significantly reduced, and there will be signs of serious light decay. The luminaire should be placed in a ventilated place to maintain a good heat dissipation environment for the luminaire.

The working environment temperature of LED flood light should be between -25°C~+45°C. The temperature of the workplace should not exceed 45°C to ensure the life of the lamp


The heat dissipation capacity of LED floodlights directly affects whether it can work stably and its service life. Yaorong Technology LED flood light adopts multi-module front and rear heat dissipation fins, which effectively utilizes the heat dissipation principle of air convection, accelerates heat dissipation efficiency and guarantees the service life of the light source. Intelligent constant current drive technology.

5. Since the power of LED floodlights is generally relatively large, when laying the power cord, you should choose a suitable power cord according to the actual power to avoid burnout or damage when the power cord does not match the actual power.

6. LED floodlight lighting requirements: ≥150Lm/w in terms of luminous efficiency, to ensure uniform illumination and no stray light. And the choice of color temperature is also very important. Different color temperatures have their own unique colors, so the color temperature selection should be based on the human premise to suit the color temperature of the scene.

7. Installation and applicable places:LED floodlights can be installed with adjustable mounting brackets, which can be easily installed in a variety of scenes. They are widely used in building facades, curtain walls, stadiums, buildings, bridges, gardens and other lighting places. This is also the current LED floodlights used in outdoor landscapes. One of the reasons for the popularity of lighting.

The maintenance of LED flood light needs to pay attention to the following 5 points


1. After buying the LED flood light, don't be busy installing the equipment, you should read the manual carefully, and then install the equipment according to the rules of the manual, otherwise you may make a mistake and cause damage to the LED flood light.


2. Replace the aging lamp beads in time according to the light source parameters provided by the sign, and check and find that the problematic lamp beads are replaced in time to avoid unsafe phenomena such as ballast burnout.

3. Be careful not to change the structure of the lamp during cleaning and protection. After the cleaning and protection, all the LED floodlight parts are returned according to the original group. Remember not to install less or install it incorrectly.

4. The maintenance of LED flood light must be strengthened in use to extend its service life. Frequently check for cracks. If moisture enters, it will cause corrosion damage or leakage and short circuit; this is required in a humid environment. The next step is to prevent dust, and remove dust in time, otherwise it will affect the LED flood light. The light transmittance can be wiped with a damp cloth to avoid dust accumulation and obstruct the lighting effect. In some special environments, it is necessary to achieve explosion-proof effect, so as to protect the light.


5. When using the LED flood light, try not to switch on and off again and again, because the moment the lamp is repeatedly advocated, the current flowing through the lamp beads is greater than the current during normal operation, which will cause great damage to the lamp beads and cause rapid light decay , Then its useful life is greatly shortened.

The value of LED flood light products

1. Color mixing uniformity

With a standard 15° optical angle, the mixed colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and other colors are extremely uniform, and the white light that is mixed is very clean.

2. Product dimming

There is no jitter in the light from slowly rising and gradual closing of the LED flood light, which can be used to simulate the change of time, and the human eye allows the natural aesthetics to be successfully broadcast through the equipment.

3. Integrate with the environment

The LED flood light has a small size and high waterproof level, which can meet the needs of the night scene lighting project of the external wall and can be well hidden in the environment.

4. Product diversity

The LED flood light supports segmented control of RGBW (9 lamp beads as one segment), which can achieve richer design effects in actual use, and the use process is more flexible and changeable.

It is especially important to choose good quality LED flood light products, because it is related to future use. When choosing, it is better to find some professional brands to buy, so that the quality problem can be ensured. But the budget may be a bit high, so we must consider all aspects and choose the most suitable is the best.

Compared with other lighting fixtures, the LED project-light lamp can be used without a controller, and the LED project-light lamp housing can also achieve a variety of special illumination effects during use. Therefore, the lighting effect irradiated by the LED floodlight shell is good, the color of the light is bright and the light is not dazzling, on the contrary, it is very soft, not only suitable for outdoor use, but also suitable for home lighting.

LED floodlights have been widely used in various places and fields. From the original indoor to the outdoor, from the original local lighting to the current overall lighting, it is the level of improvement and development. With the increasing progress of the times, Nowadays, LED floodlights have been invested in various fields of lighting projects. In the next few years, LED floodlights will develop into an indispensable part of the lighting projects.