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The LED flood light does not light up and the flickering problem appears here


The reasons why the LED flood light does not turn on and flicker may be mainly caused by welding, power quality, light source, etc. LED floodlights are high-power LED products. Good quality manufacturers will pass strict aging tests before delivery to ensure that they are good products in the hands of consumers.

1. No power supply caused by virtual welding joints:

The integrated lamp beads inside the LED flood light are connected by two wires. Whether the lamp beads are soldered or not, causing the solder joints connected to the power input line to be loose or disconnected. Check whether the driver connection line is damaged.

2. The LED flood light source is broken:

(1) When looking at the LED flood light, there are black spots on the sealant. The black spots are caused by two reasons. The first is the long use time. The temperature of the lamp beads is formed by high-temperature glue and phosphor powder. , There is another reason for the high current power supply (this is the unstable power supply, it is likely that the light source is of poor quality), the open circuit or necrosis caused by the lamp itself.

(2) Poor heat dissipation of the emitter light source will also cause serious attenuation or burnout of the light source. The waterproofness of the LED tube is not good. If there is moisture in the tube, the moisture in the tube will cause the lamp bead to burn.

(3) If the housing is in good condition, the lamp beads can still be replaced, but you need to know the power, voltage and other parameters of the power supply and match it with the light source.

(4) Regarding the power supply and light source, if the LED flood light is slightly illuminated, it may be that the power supply is damaged or the light source is damaged. A multimeter should be used for special measurement.

(5) If the LED flood light does not light up as it was when it was first purchased after a period of use, the quality of the light source is poor and the light is seriously deteriorated. The longer it is used, the darker it will become.

3. Power failure:

(1) In the power supply problem of the LED flood light, the process of converting AC power to DC power may cause the light of the LED flood light to be off and flicker. Generally, it cannot be repaired. Of course, the power supply must be replaced directly in the power supply to clean up a series of light sources and quantities. If the voltage and current are not clearly cut off, the correction can be done for how long it will be bad or insufficient light.

(2) The feature of another phenomenon at the beginning is that the LED flood light can be lit for a while, and then start to flicker or flicker when the lamp is turned on. The root problem is that the quality or thermal conductivity of the power supply is poor, and the power supply will work for a period of time. The temperature rise of the power supply itself causes the components of the power supply to be unstable. In winter, the temperature of some parts changes greatly. As a result, if the working temperature of the power supply is too high or too low, the operation will be unstable. To be fair, this kind of power supply is not qualified. If the power supply is broken, replace it with a better one. It is not a problem to use it for 5 years and 6 years.

How to maintain LED flood light:

In the process of using LED flood light, many people do not pay attention to its maintenance and maintenance, so there are problems in some details, which leads to a significant reduction in its life. Good maintenance is very important, so that it can play its use value.

1. When using LED floodlights, please try to use them according to the specifications and guidelines provided by the lighting manufacturer to ensure that they will not be damaged.

2. For LED flood lights, although their service life is longer than ordinary street lights during use, their service life will be longer if they are properly maintained regularly.

3. In the daily routine inspection, if the glass cover is found to be damaged, it must be repaired and replaced with a new glass surface in time. Don't wait for the damage to the glass surface to affect the life of the entire lamp.

4. For the LED flood light, it is long-term outdoor, and it is unavoidable to encounter the harsh natural environment. It is necessary to check regularly to see if the LED flood light is malfunctioning, and perform maintenance at the first time .

5. Before installing the LED flood light, it is necessary to consider various safety measures. We know that the safety issue is the most important issue. Once a safety accident occurs, it will be a very big thing. LED floodlights are generally installed outside, and during the installation process, they are installed in a relatively high and dangerous place. Therefore, before installing, use some auxiliary facilities to avoid the installation process. Safety issues arise, and the lamps will not be dangerous to personal safety after installation. Therefore, considering the load-bearing capacity of the installation location, choosing the appropriate power cord, and grounding the lamps, these are all very important. necessary.

The working power supply of LED flood light should be grounded, and it is very sensitive to the ambient temperature, so the working environment temperature should not be too high, which will affect the normal use of the lamp. Keep the working environment well ventilated, preferably with auxiliary heat sink.

Pay attention to the quality of LED flood light products and make full use of its value. Only by taking good care of it can we better meet the needs of users. The application range of LED flood light is relatively wide, and the field is also very wide. To provide convenience for the majority of users, to adopt good maintenance measures, and to extend the service life is also a way to save costs.