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The best distance between different wattage LED plant lights and plants


So how far should the LED light be from the plant? Another important consideration is to determine the daily light integral. If you don't provide the required light for indoor plants, they will die or wither, and the distance is determined by the PPF you want to achieve.

The key issue for indoor planting is to decide how high the LED plant light should be. If you are not careful and you hang the lights too close, the plants may be burned. Hanging the lamp too high will cause insufficient light for plants and affect their growth.

The perfect distance between LED grow lights and plants depends on the growth stage and wattage. For best results, the general rule of thumb is to install the LED grow light 12-30 inches above the plant.

Different stages require different distances. According to each stage of plant growth, plants need different levels of light. It is important to consider the different growth stages, the main factor that determines the optimal distance of the LED plant light during the growth process.

Let's take a look at the corresponding distances of various wattage LED plant lights from the plants:

50-150W LED grow lights should be 12-16 inches away from plants

150-250W LED plant light placed 16-20 inches away from the plant

250-400W LED plant light placed 20-24 inches away from the plant

400-600W LED plant light placed 24-28 inches away from plants

600-800W LED plant light is placed 28-32 inches away from the plant

800-1000W LED plant light placed at a distance of 32-36 inches from the plant

Place the LED plant light at a distance of more than 36 inches from the plant above 1000W

If you don't know anything, you can install LED plant lights at the standard distance above and pay attention to any signs of plant discoloration. If the plants are okay, you can move the light closer. But at the same time, the growth stage must be considered. Below, Yaorong Technology will share the best distance installation of common wattage LED plant lights from plants.

400W LED Plant Growth Light

The recommended height of 400W LED plant grow lights is 18-24 inches. But during the germination stage, you should hang 28 inches above the plant. It can provide your plants with things that mimic natural sunlight. For the flowering stage, the fixing device should be located 18 inches above the plant, so that the light supplement effect is better. Pay attention to the light supplement time every day.

600W LED Plant Growth Light

A 600W LED grow light is placed 24-30 inches from the top of the plant. The grower can adjust the light during the growth stage. For best results, you should understand the general standard. You can adjust the intensity to suit different growth stages. In the vegetative stage, some plants need half of the light they use when they bloom. You can adjust the light to a little 26 inches closer to the plants.

800W LED Plant Growth Light

The 800W LED grow light should be 32-36 inches from the top of the plant. In the flowering stage, you can adjust the fixing device to about 24 inches to fill in the light for the best effect.

The ideal distance for 800W LED plant growth light is 24-30 inches above the plant. During the seedling stage, you should keep the light at a distance of 32-36 inches. Depending on the type of plant you grow, you can maintain a distance of 24 inches during the flowering and vegetative stages.

LED plant growth light above 1000W

An LED grow light of 1000W or more can cover an area of 7 square feet. But no matter what kind of plant you grow, the fixture should be 28 inches above the plant. In the flowering stage, hanging 28 inches above the plant canopy is the best distance to fill light. During the plant growth phase, you should hang the light 32 inches above the plant canopy. You hang the lamp more than 36 inches at the seedling stage.

Some growers may try to bring the lights closer to promote faster growth, which is counterproductive. In fact, regardless of the wattage, the growth stage is the most important condition for adjusting the distance. The seedling stage requires you to place the LED plant light away from the plants. In the growth phase, but you should aim for higher light intensities. This means you should move the light closer to the plant. The flowering period requires higher light intensity, so the plant will slowly adapt from the vegetative period. To adjust the lighting, you should lower the lighting to meet the lighting requirements of the plants.

But also pay attention to the fill light time:

Almost all living things need to rest, so it is impossible to continuously use LED plant lights to fill the plants with light, which will have a bad effect on the plants. Studies and experiments have proved that the best time for plants to add light is controlled at about 12 hours, and it is necessary to leave enough time for plants to rest for 4-6 hours.

For light-loving plants, it is necessary to use LED growth lights to supplement light for plants at 6:00-10:00 and 17:00-00:00, because 10:00--17:00 is the sunlight that meets their growth needs Time period, so it takes about 11 hours for the plants to fill in the light.

For plants that do not like light, they can meet their growth needs when there is sunlight. The time for supplementing light with LED plant lights only needs to be set according to the local sunrise and sunset time, and the light supplement time should avoid plant rest time as much as possible.

As growers hope that the plants they grow grow better, you must pay attention to the best light-filling distance between the LED plant lights and the plants. We can consider from two aspects, that is, different wattages and different growth stages. As long as the distance between the LED plant light and the plant is adjusted correspondingly when supplementing the light, it can bring better growth to the plant.