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7 reasons for the failure of LED high bay lights


The performance optimization design of LED high bay lights has the characteristics of anti-light decay, pure light color, anti-glare and long service life. However, failures will still occur, because LED high bay lights generally work in a harsh environment. The 7 major causes of failures are as follows:

1. Chemical volatilization damage

In the factory workshop environment, various solvents, processing oils and other materials that produce mist or steam can have a destructive effect on the safety of LED high bay lights in two ways: First, they are extremely volatile and exist at high temperatures or electric sparks. Under the circumstances, it is easy to explode or catch fire. Uncertified LED industrial and mining lamps that can be used in applicable hazardous locations may cause unsafe conditions. Second, it will cause chemical degradation of the electronic components of the LED high bay light, which will lead to color shift or lumen attenuation.

Therefore, when choosing LED high bay lights, you should choose industrial-grade LED high bay lights that have passed the hazard certification, and use IP sealing to prevent moisture and dust from entering. This provides the best defense for protecting critical internal components from corrosion. Please ensure that the fixture you choose uses high-quality chemical-resistant polycarbonate or glass lenses to prevent discoloration.

2. Dusty environment

Dust is a problem faced by almost all LED lamps. Open doors and the continuous movement of everything from people to forklifts produce fine particles that float into the air and fall on every flat surface. When this material accumulates on LED lighting fixtures, it will form a thermal insulation blanket to prevent heat from escaping. Over time, the operating temperature range of LED industrial and mining is 10 degrees higher, and the continuous high temperature will also shorten the service life by half.

Dust and debris should be removed regularly to prevent accumulation. Those products with a waterproof rating of IP66 or IP67 can even be washed regularly to reduce dust accumulation. Safety is prioritized by choosing LED fixtures with powerful heat dissipation technology, heat-resistant components, and an ambient temperature rating above 60°C, so that they can stay cool even under dust cover.

3. High temperature environment

In addition to the high temperatures caused by seasonal or geographic climate, there are many types of heat sources in any industrial facility, from process equipment and heavy motors to molten raw materials. Although LED high bay lights are better than before in terms of heat dissipation performance, but they cannot withstand these conditions for a long time. High temperature will completely burn down electrical components, leading to premature failure or potentially unsafe lighting output, or even direct damage. Therefore, if the LED high bay light works in a high temperature environment, it is necessary to do a good job of heat dissipation management design, which not only guarantees the service life of the lamp, but also saves more costs.

4. Flammable and explosive environment

Explosion is the biggest risk associated with lighting. The volatile combination of explosive gases, dust in the air or fibers, coupled with sparks from arcs or faults-can have dire consequences. These are caused by the failure of product certification. LED high bay lights that fail to pass the hazardous location certification are extremely dangerous. In some dangerous working environments, your employees also face serious risks. Lighting in hazardous locations must comply with the UL/CSA/IECEx/ATEX standards stipulated by the law. These certified products must be selected when selecting, and only certified products meet the requirements.

5. Moisture and corrosion

Dustproof and waterproof are the same problems faced by all LED lamps. Moisture will cause corrosion and degradation of metal structures. Coupled with any type of corrosive or corrosive pollutants, these conditions will corrode the components and hardware of the LED high bay light, especially in humid and coastal areas, which are easily affected by this factor and will damage the integrity of the LED high bay light itself. And its safe installation.

This makes LED high bay lights have frequent failures, replacements, installations, etc., requiring higher costs. Fortunately, LED high bay lights are doing very well in terms of protection performance. If you are in relatively humid and coastal areas, you can choose LED high bay lights with high waterproof and anti-corrosion levels, which will play a good role in protection.

6. Vibration and shock

In some special places, the continuous vibration of heavy machinery causes the LED high bay light to malfunction. In the case of continuous vibration, the LED high bay lamp driver, power connection and even the lamp housing itself may quickly decompose. There will be problems such as loose installation or fall to damage the lamp, loose or disconnection of the casing, components, and wiring, which will cause more costs to replace the LED high bay light. Now LED high bay lights have built-in heavy-duty industrial standards with shock resistance, long-life potting drivers and sturdiness and durability.

7. Unpredictable power supply conditions

But the industrial environment is still due to unstable power conditions-surges and sags caused by the startup and shutdown of heavy equipment, as well as other conditions that cause power fluctuations. This unpredictability will cause serious damage to the LED high bay lights, put the LED power supply under pressure, constant voltage fluctuations will cause overheating, and eventually burn down the internal circuit and cause unexpected and premature failures. When choosing LED high bay lights, choose a high-quality power supply and a power supply with built-in surge protection components to reduce the impact of unstable power supplies.

From the above, we know that the 7 reasons that cause LED high bay lights to malfunction are uncontrollable. Therefore, we can only work hard on LED industrial and mining lamps. When choosing LED industrial and mining lamps, we must choose the corresponding protective lamps according to the needs of the working environment, try to avoid more damage caused by multiple lamps, and regularly inspect and maintain the lamps, so as to make the LED industrial and mining lamps. Use of the lamp for maximum effect.