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LED Parking Lot Light

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    30W Slim LED Parking Lot Light Slim design square park garden street with lens


    1.Patent ultra thin slim shape. 2.IP66 and IK10 protection. 3.Photocell sensor and motion sensor ones. 4.Back light shield available with lens . 5.6 different kinds of mounts accessories available.


    suitable for outdoor places such as residential parking lot, roadside parking lot, commercial parking lot, stadium and so on.


    Product parameter:

    YR-PLQ507-W050≥706500 LM50W507*308*81mm1204.0kg
    YR-PLQ507-W075≥7010400 LM75W507*308*81mm1204.0kg
    YR-PLQ565-W100≥7013000 LM100W565*375*62mm2405.0kg
    YR-PLQ565-W150≥7019500 LM150W565*375*62mm2405.0kg
    YR-PLQ785-W200≥7026000 LM200W785*376*101mm3227.0kg
    YR-PLQ785-W240≥7032500 LM240W785*376*101mm3227.0kg
    YR-PLQ785-W300≥7039000 LM300W785*376*101mm4807.0kg

    Product size:


    connector optional:


    Installation Precautions :

    ● Please cut off the power before installation and make sure that the installation part can bear the weight of the lamp.

    ● In order to prevent the lamp from falling off, please make sure that the installation is correct.

    ● Please do not use it in a place with corrosive gas.

    ● Please do not cover any material on the lamp.

    ● For safety, please connect the ground wire securely.

    ● The lamp has a five-year warranty from the date of purchase.

    ● However, failures caused by disassembly, modification, or improper construction of this product are not within the scope of this warranty